Console Repairs in Ramsgate
Cheap professional console and hand-hald game console repairs in Ramsgate
We fix and repair all games consoles in our fully equipped repair center in Ramsgate
Specialists in Xbox - Xbox360 - Playstation - PS2 - PS3 - Wii - PSP - DS Lite

Console Repairs Ramsgate

We have game console repair centres in or near Ramsgate and offer repairs nationwide throughout the UK.

Complete your details below and we will contact you straight back giving you a FREE QUOTE on fixing your game console. We will collect your game console from you in Ramsgate for Free and deliver it back to you for Free!

We have no hidden costs so our price includes the whole service from start to finish and all of our repairs include a 3 month warranty.

Please fill in your details below and we will help get your console collected from Ramsgate and repaired.

We do NOT offer flashing or home-brew modifications for any game console from Ramsgate.

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Not reading/recognising disks : Scott - Lancaster, Lancashire
Yellow Light Followed By 3 Red Lights - : Luke - Hull, Yorkshire

Cheap Game Console Repairs Ramsgate

Our fully experienced engineers and technicians in Ramsgate can fix all types of faults with your game console and at a very competitive cost!

We offer the most competitive prices in the UK which include the collection and delivery of your console in Ramsgate. We also offer a 3 month warranty with all of our repairs.

We use the best diagnostic and professional repair equipment you can get so all repairs are professionally repaired to the highest standard.

We have a main console repair centre that can service the whole of the UK including Ramsgate that specialise in hardware and software faults such as Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death (RRoD), PS3 Yellow Light of Death (YLoD), hard drive failure, Laser faults, Laser Replacement, display problems, power supply faults, infact we can just about fix every game console issue.

Complete the form above with some details of the problem with your games console, your contact details and we will contact you straight back (during the day of course).

Here is a list of the most common games consoles we repair;

Nintendo DSi XL
Nintendo 3DS
Nintendo Wii
Nintendo Wii U
PS Vita
Xbox 360

Other common problems we have fixed

No image coming up on your screen or distorted picture when playing, no sound coming from your TV when games are being played, games not loading at all when disk or cartridge are in good condition, console wont power on at all.

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